Minoto Video is the ultimate platform for any organization with serious online ambitions.

More reach, more visitors, more engagement

Our video player makes it easy for your visitors to share links to your videos even if your video is posted on another website. You can easily determine the main location of the video, and we will use it as a reference in the social sharing.

The video player itself integrates perfectly on the Facebook wall of your visitors - and sending out your corporate identity. This changes your visitor from a viewer into a broadcaster. Not only through the social sharing button, also with a like button under the video. Our platform generates all the required tags for you.

At the end of the video we show the related videos which you have total control over. These items link to the main location of the video. So you're sure the next video is consumed in the context of the story, but also that you get more revenue from display ads. If the first video on Facebook or another site is viewed, then you have - besides an extra page display - an additional visitor to your site, where after your marketing mechanism come into play.

Because you have fewer exits on your page, it will increase the retention among your visitors. People leave the site no longer whether accidentally or not clicking on YouTube logos or other outbound links to video players, unless it concerns your own video player that links to your site.

More traffic from search engines

By using a video sitemap which will be automatically updated after a video is published, your video content will be optimally indexed by Google and other search engines. This will get your video listed in Google within the shortest possible time, to get the maximum of traffic  at time the topic is most current .

E-commerce and shops

Maintain maximum focus on your brand and your products and eliminate any possible distractions of your ordering process.

Your product reviews will be displayed in a video player in your company style, even if they are shared, for example on Facebook. At the end of the video you can show your other products which will generate more revenue. Another conversion improving way is that you place an "Add to Cart" button at the end of the video so the viewer can buy the product directly.

Because you can transload the videos to Youtube with one press of a button, your video will automatically appear in your channel and on the relevant videos (from competitors!) as related videos appear. In your product description, you can display the canonical URL so visitors on YouTube can find your product quickly.

Get more traffic from Google by having your video show up in the results on relevant keywords, but with a link to your website, where the videos of your competitors only link to Vimeo, YouTube or another free video platforms.

Generate revenue with every video play

Place video ads for each video play. Both our Flash and HTML5 video players can show pre-mid-and post-roll and overlay ads. We work with high quality ad networks and can provide your videos with ads of good quality in more than 20 countries. We can integrate every VAST compliant ad network or ad server in our player.

Also your video screenings on Facebook can be provided with a preroll ad because some of our partners are Facebook whitelisted advertisers.

Minoto Video is the ultimate solution for

  • (Online) media companies
  • Broadcasting companies
  • FMCG
  • (International) brands
  • NGO’s / Non-profit organisations
  • Advertising agencies
  • Web agencies
  • Social media agencies
  • E-commerce websites
  • Web portals
  • Content producers
  • Video producers
  • Music industry
  • Entertainment industry