Looking for a robust video platform? The video platform of Minoto Video is tailored for hosting and streaming high volume  video. Our global CDN delivers your videos worldwide fast and in the highest quality to any device or screen. 

The video cloud platform of Minoto Video is a full equipped solution to provide your website, app or campaign with fast streaming high-end videos. You can upload any video file format to our video cloud. Manage your video's in our user-friendly cloud based Video Management System (VMS). Style your video players and add your logo. Embed the players in your website and stream high quality video for the optimal experiemce of your brand, service or product. Do you want to monitize your videos? Our video cloud players are IAB Vast Compliant and therefore can connect to any of the majorad channels showing any VAST ad format on your videos.

Minoto Video Cloud Service  
Purpose Professional video Streaming
Activation time 1 business day
Include storage bundle 50 GB
Included traffic bundle montly 1TB
Number of video plays with average video size +/- 250.000
Price per month € 199,-
Additional storage  
Price per 50 GB €7,50
  • Transcoding is included in the storage fee and under the constitution of our fair use policy;
  • Estimated views as mentioned in the table above are base on 1 minute video with quality settings 600Kbps, size 640x360
  • Prices for setup or assistance with integration projects are available on request;
  • The SaaS-license per service is based on automatic renewal per month;
  • Unlimited telephone and email support is included in the service during weekdays and within office hours;
  • The monthly minimal bundle fee will be billed with a monthly interval starting form the first day of deployment of the user account;
Indicative prices monthly used video traffic PRICE PER TB
2 TB €136,04
3 TB €114,83
5 TB €97,58
10 TB €83,95
15 TB €78,89
25 TB €74,13
50 TB €68,90
100 TB €63,66
250 TB €54,66
500 TB €44,74
750 TB €37,03
1000 TB €30,46
> 1000 TB On request
  • Billing of costs for the actual monthly usage will be one month after the billing of the bundle fee. If the included resources of the bundle are exceeded, the full amount of traffic used that month will be billed according to a progressive discount structure (see the pricing table), with crediting the minimal bundle fee;
  • To use the Video Minoto platform as software-as-a-service the general terms and conditions are applicable as displayed on:;
  • All prices are in Euros and exclusive VAT if applicable.
Estimate your costs and expected revenues with our video cloud calculator at: