Social video

Share video on social networks, and embed video on Facebook with our Facebook whitelisted video player.

Use the power of social media to spread your video message. Minoto provides you several tools to boost your business, while maintaining the best possible brand experience.

Embed video on Facebook in your own customized player that has the look and feel of your website or brand. The whitelisted Minoto Flash video player can be embedded on your brands’ Facebook page, and with just one ‘like’ you can embed video on the Facebook wall of your visitor too.

Setting up Facebook embedding is easy and highly effective to not only reach out to the crowd, but also maintain strong brand experience throughout the viewing process.

Share your video on YouTube without having to upload your content twice. Once you have uploaded your video to the Minoto video platform, you can set your video title and description, select the applicable YouTube category and transload the video in the YouTube channel of your organization.

You only have to enter your YouTube credentials once and after that, synchronizing video with YouTube is just one click away. Also you can choose to automatically transload your videos to YouTube.

The Flash video player has a sharing button that lets your visitors share links to your video on social networks. How it works: When your viewers watches a video, he or she can click the share button in the right top corner. When the user clicks a network, we will share the canonical url you provided in the video’s details. This not only adds up to the number of views, but also has positive influence on your SEO.