Resellers and integrators

Offer high quality engaging video solutions to your clients by adding Minoto to your solutions portfolio.

We offer several off the shelve solutions to enable you to sell an engaging video platform for your clients and to integrate video in their websites and applications.

Whether you are a small agency developing websites for local SMBs or a hosting top dog serving thousands of media companies, Minoto offers you a tailored solution to provide the best solution for an affordable price, have access to perfectly skilled human support, and be able to bill and manage the client yourself.

Create new publishing accounts in minutes and create advanced website and applications that use online video. You have all the tools and professional support in reach to excel and create state of the art solutions at very low prices.

Our reseller tools enable you to integrate and automate the client management process, and connect the platform to your current billing and account management tools. Offering Minoto Video has many advantages. Not only does it generate revenue, it also reduces churn and provides extra value to your proposition uniqueness in the market.

You have the network. Either you are a key player in serving the hosting industry, or you are one of the leading hosting agencies in your region or industry. We invite the industry leader to participate in our Channel partner program. Offer a high quality low maintenance product in a growing market. Your revenue and customer life cycle will increase, churn will be reduced and at your level, margins are very profitable. Contact us today for more information.