Integrate and automate

Our powerful API’s allow you to integrate and automate all available platform features.

Integrate the Minoto online video platform in your CMS system, automatically search for related videos, manage publisher accounts, create powerful video sitemaps for your website to improve your SEO, build mobile applications, define complex content access rules etcetera.

We provide three powerful simple to use API’s:

Automate the video publishing process. Upload videos, invoke transcodings, edit video metadata, select videos based on keywords, tags, description, publication date etcetera, get insights in the statistics, automatically create video players, Basically the Publisher API provides you all functionalities you also have when using the Minoto Video Dashboard for Publishers.

The Content Protection API lets you control access to your video content and prevents unauthorized views based on two methods: Rules and signatures.

You can define simple or complicated rule sets to allow or disallow a viewer from watching your content. Set up rules based on domain and/or country level to prevent your video to be viewed on third party websites, or when you are allowed to distribute video to certain countries. These rules can be defined on account level, video player level, or video level.

E.g. “All videos in my account can only be viewed by viewers from the United States and Canada, and must view the content on” Another publisher could say “Content is accessible from all regions except North Korea, and can be embedded on all websites, except for”.

Another form of content protection supported by our API signage. When using video signage, videos can only be viewed when the embed code or direct link contains a valid signature. This signature can be constructed so that its use is limited in time or limited by the viewer’s ip address. For generating the signature, the Minoto Video Platform and the Publisher share a secret.

Read more about content protection in our API documentation.

This API lets ISP’s, channel partners, OEM integrators and other resellers of the Minoto Video Platform seamlessly create, manage and delete Minoto Publisher Accounts, and connect the platform to its own billing and/or support system.

At any time, the partner can request usage updates to learn how the publisher(s) are performing, and set several hooks to the platform to receive notifications when the account limits are reached or licenses expire.

Contact us to receive more information about becoming a partner or to request a free trial.

We provide tailored solutions for high volume online publishers, resellers, OEM integrators, and channel partners.