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About the Minoto video account

What exactly can I do with the Minoto Video platform?

With our platform you can upload videos and encode to the most common online video formats to eventually stream the videos with your own video player on your website, mobile devices, social media or on Connected TVs.

Why should I use your video platform and not just use a free video service?

Because you would like the video message in your own branded video player. Because you did not want to transcode all formats required for all different and always new devices. Because our content delivery network (CDN) ensures that your videos stream quickly worldwide and at the highest quality. Because you want to be found in search engines. Because you want more traffic from social media.

For who is a video account interesting?

For organizations that want to use online video for marketing or commercial purposes. It is especially interesting for web agencies with multiple clients, video professionals, marketing departments of large companies, SME's, bloggers, e-learning companies, media companies and especially for online publishers.

What does it cost?

We aim for the lowest rates for platform usage possible. Please contact one of our video experts to make you a tailored proposal.

How can I get a video account?

Please contact one of our video experts and they will help you with this. In most cases you can get started today with your account.

Do i get support when i need it?

Yes, our goal is to help you at all times. Whatever it takes. When it comes to conceptual or technical issues, or if you need advice on monitizing your video concept. Our very experienced video experts are always available during working days and hours. Do you have a question, just call or email us.

About the platform

What is a CDN?

A CDN is a content delivery network or in other words a computer network that makes your videos wherever they are in the world be retrieved quickly and in high quality streaming. Our CDN uses ISO certified data centers with the highest security standards in Europe and the United States.

Can I upload any video format?

Yes, our platform accepts the most common video formats. For an optimal transcoding you can best use the following formats: MPEG, MOV, WMV, MP4, M4V, AVI, FLV and MKV.

Do my streams work on mobile devices, tablets and Connected TVs?

Sure. Look for more information check out the features page.

Is it difficult to use the video management dashboard?

It is not difficult to use the video management dashboard. Yet it may be that some terms or features are unknown to you. Once your account is created, we provide with a clear QuickStart Guide. Here we will help you through the features of Minoto Video. We also have a glossary included.

Can I store the source video files on your platform?

Yes, you can. But keep in mind that this adds quickly at the expense of your available storage. At the moment we have converted the file it might be a good idea you just store the file locally.

To what extent can I adjust the video player?

You can adjust the video player in size and colors. Also you can customize the 'Behaviours' of the player and add your own Google Analytics code. How this works can be found in the QuickStart Guide.

Can I use my own logo to the player add?

Yes, you can. At this time we do this by referring to a logo file. How this works can be found in the Quick-start-guide.

Can I also use my videos on YouTube

Yes you can. In fact, you can do this from the Minoto Video platform dashboard. You link your YouTube account and with just one push of the button transload your video to YouTube. How this works can be found in the Quick-start-guide.

How can I share my videos in social media?

This feature is included in our video player. By clicking the share button at the top right of the player the share-functions display of respectively Delicious, Digg, Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, Reddit, Tumblr and Twitter. Note that you can customize the settings of your video in each social media channel by adding Open Graph tags to your site. How this works can be found in the Quick-start-guide.

Can I upload multiple videos simultaneously?

Yes, you can. By using our unique feature "FTP Upload" you can simultaneously upload as many videos as you want. Obviously the size of files you want to upload should fit within your storage limit.

Is there a limit to the file size per video?

There is no maximum file size that we use. However, we encourage you to keep the files under the 1Gb for rapid turnaround of transcoding and to keep your files within your storage limit.

Should I compress my video files first before I upload?

It is not really necessary, but compression reduces file size. We recommend you to compress your videos first before you upload them. Therefore it takes less time that your videos will be uploaded and transcoded. In addition, you have more storage space for more videos.

Can I upload videos that I do not have the rights of?

It's not a good idea to stream others videos if you are not the owner of the copyright. You should also not do this according to our Terms of Service. If this happens and we get a 'legal notice' then we will make the appropriate video inactive and will send the 'notice' on to you. Should it be that you notice someone streaming your videos from the Minoto Video platform please send an email to [email protected].

Can I display ads in my videos?

Yes, you can. Our video players are VAST compliant. This allows us to immediately show every kind of advertising from any advertising channel that uses this standard within your video player. In terms of advertising models and options there are numerous of options. If you want to run ads, please do get in touch with one of our video experts. They can advise you perfectly or get you in contact with various advertising channels.

Do you have API’s?

Yes. In fact, we have 3 APIs. A management API, a content protection APIs and account management API. With these 3 APIs you can integrate the entire Minoto video platform in a very short time into your existing systems or applications. The API's are provided with appropriate documentation and our development team can at all times assist you with the integration. If you want to know more about the capabilities of the APIs, please contact our video experts.

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