Easy video management

With Minoto Video, managing video becomes easy.

Upload and batch upload videos, Encoding for desktop and mobile, edit metadata, select screenshot, embedding your video and global distribution of your video stream with our Video CDN.easy_video_management.jpg

Add content to your library by uploading them using the http upload from your dashboard, or batch upload videos by using the FTP account. Almost any video format is accepted by the platform and will automatically be transcoded when the upload is finished.

Uploaded content will automatically be transcoded to a variety of qualities and formats for perfect experience on any screen, any device. From HD video quality with 320kbps audio for the ultimate experience to mobile formats that perform well while the user is on 3g. No matter which screen or device, pseudo seeking is supported.

Use the dashboard (or API) to add metadata and tags to the video which makes it easy to search and select your videos, and to compile video sitemaps for SEO. Define when your video can be watched, and which URL is the main location where the video can be watched.

Decide which of the pre-generated screen shots suits your video best, or create one yourself and assign it to your video. The screenshot is shown when the video player is loaded, but your video not yet playing.

Search and select the video you want to publish, and choose how you want to distribute it. Select one of your customized video players, or use the direct access link to stream your content in a third party application of video player.

The Minoto CDN makes your content available for a world wide audience, offering them a fast starting pseudo stream that lets your seek to any part in the timeline.