Customizable video players

Customize your video player, change the colors and settings to blend in your brand, website and to embed video on Facebook

Create, style and modify video players that integrate with your website and identity. Each player can have its unique look and feel and behavior to meet your needs.


Change the colors to match with your brand. You can pick the colors from the color picker in the player configurator, or type in the hexadecimal code (e.g. #ffffff for white). Also you can change the transparency of the control bar.

Add a watermark image such as your logo to be displayed on all videos shown in this player, and link it to your website. Also you can change the location of the watermark image.

The social sharing layer lets your viewer share the link to your video on several social media platforms such as Facebook, Delicious, Digg, etcetera.

The recommendations list loads the Recommendations at the end of a video. However we have set this up in a slight different manner than you are used to. The items that are loaded link to the page where you have embedded the video, so your message will always be seen in the right context. Also it will send visitors from third party websites and social media sites such as Facebook to your website. Read more.

Enable auto-play to automatically start the video once the player is loaded.

You can disable controls of the video player (except for the play button). This comes in handy when you need to embed a video in a small space, e.g. the side bar of a website. The no controls option prevents clutter.

Enter your Google Analytics id to let the player communicate user interactions to your Google Analytics account. This enables you to analyze the impact of your online video on your website. We even talk with your G.A. when the player is embedded on a third party domain!

Last but not least you can set the qualities your player supports. For instance, when you let users embed your video on their blogs and home pages, you might want to limit the quality of the video stream.